Current 'Thralls

Name—Jim Cornell
Online handle—Nobody
Hometown—Ogden, Utah
Current residence—Ogden, Utah
Years wargaming—24 years
Favorite game—Warmaster followed closely by Warlord and anything Colonial

Years making terrain—20 years

Additional information—I also enjoy tabletop sports sims. I follow the Utah Jazz, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, and two-time BSC buster Utah Utes.

Name—John Salmond
Online handle—Scarab
Hometown—Plain City, Utah
Current residence—Over the Rainbow
Age—Born in 1964
Years playing WM/Hordes—Started Feb 2006
Years wargaming—Started in 1973. Most games were made up by local gamers and the only real game was called GreyHawk which later turned into D&D.
Favorite game—Mustangs and Messerschmitts

Years making terrain—Ever since I needed something for my figs. I played on 4'x8' boards so we needed tons of it. Eventually we played on larger boards so you can imagine the collection we had. Iron Crown was my favorite gaming system for RPG back then.

Additional information—Other hobbies include WWII modeling, art, paintball, hunting, camping, and some sports. My favorite game as a kid was a bookcase game called Squad Leader which I still own. It is a squad level game of WWII combat. Another game I liked was called Mustangs and Messerschmitts which was created by some people in Salt Lake. It was WWII dogfighting using stands with casters. Each had six foot sticks on them with one inch lines for altitude and you would clip 1/72 scale planes to the stands. The game rocked and I still have that one too. I have been searching for a good gaming system with figs I like and I have found it in WM/Hordes. I am still learning.

Name—Theresa Mansfield
Online handle—MiniPaintMaven
Hometown—Denver, Colorado
Current residence—West of Denver
Age—I am a product of the '80s and being female that's all I'm going to say.
Years playing WM/Hordes—5 years
Years wargaming—5 years
Favorite game—Warmachine and Warmaster

Years making terrain—4 years

Additional information—I follow the local professional sports teams religiously. I enjoy all winter sports.

Name—Pat Ohta
Online handle—Pat
Hometown—Oahu, Hawaii
Current residence—Oahu, Hawaii
Years playing WM/Hordes—0 years
Years wargaming—9 years
Favorite game—
Warhammer 40K
Years making terrain—8 years
Additional information—
I have been playing miniature wargames since 1998 and am mostly interested in Sci-fi games. While playing miniature games, I learned about terrain making and have found that I enjoy this part of the hobby most.

I am self taught and am always pushing myself to learn new techniques.

Please visit my blog at

Name—W. Ambrose Coddington
Online handle—TheBugKing
Hometown—Millbrook, NY
Current residence—The underbelly of the Rat, Orlando, Florida
Years playing WM/Hordes—3/0
Years wargaming—20
Favorite game—
I don't honestly have one. I enjoy tactically deep games that don't rely on luck overly much.
Years making terrain—18

Additional information—My other hobbies include paintball (we need to get together sometime Scarab!), rock climbing, bike riding, Ancients and Medieval wargaming, and WWII wargaming. I used to be a theme park ride builder as well as a theatrical play house rigging installer. Then my company discovered that I could use a computer. Now I work in estimating chained to a desk all day.
Ginger or Mary Ann?—I used to hate ginger but I think it's OK now. It helps that I have a decent background in faux finishes with the terrain building. Mary Ann is an OK name but your understanding of this concept will not have a huge bearing on your success at coming up with new ideas. (I don't think TBK understood the question—Nobody.)

Name—Eric Laurent-Nauguet
Online handle—Moavoamoatu
Hometown—Frog land, er, Paris
Current residence—Near Paris, France not Texas
Age—Born in 1965
Years wargaming—23 years (my first wargame was Cry Havoc)
Favorite game—
Alkemy, Okko, Mordheim...Legends of the High Seas and Helldorado are in the pipeline.
Years making terrain—As soon as I started playing with miniatures. I started with simple pieces before making larger boards.

Additional information—Wargamer, miniatures collector and painter, terrain maker...what else?

Name—Jon Baker
Online handle—CryxJon
Current residence—Des Moines, Iowa...(that's the place w/o the potatoes).

Thing you are least likely to see me do—Paint my own army. A friend of mine painted my Cryx for me.
Why I make terrain—
I figured I should bring something to the table (since I don't paint my own figs), and that's when I noticed we're playing with all these really well painted figures hiding behind an index card labeled "high wall", or worse yet, "hill" when it cleary should be titled "3x5 plateau" I realized it kinda killed the suspension of disbelief and decided I'd try my hand at terrain making. I'm in my own little battle against 3X5 terrain.

Other 'Thralls
Jon Paul Klepacz; Christian Strama; Ian Salmond; Chris Walton; Rob Hawkins; Amanda Salmond; James Bothwell and Phil Duple.