Baldur the Stonecleaver's Rapid Growth Spell
by Ian "Ra" Salmond

Baldur has an opening and takes hold of the advantage, Rapid Growth is cast, a forest walk takes place and a crushing blow rains down on the opposing Caster...

How sweet is is when an opposing Caster leaves an opening for Baldur to cast Rapid Growth? The idea behind this was to take a spell from a Caster and turn it into another playing piece to add to the playing experience. this was an easy choice to make. The approach on this piece was a little different than normal. This piece needed to be more durable than a piece of terrain because it might be handled every turn. If you know you will be the only one handling your terrain then you can choose to have more delicate pieces.

Materials Needed:
1/4" masonite
Prefab tree
Ground turf
Plastic ferns

Step 1: The Base
First off, the spell needed room to have figures on it but still give the feel of a forest. Take your masonite and cut a perfect five-inch circle for the spell, yes we want it perfect. Paint the base green and let it dry. Placing the tree was next and you will notice that the tree actually hangs off of the circle a little bit. Glue the tree down with whiteglue and throw some rocks on there and maybe a root or two.

Part 2: The Foliage and Painting
After everything has dried the rocks were painted black and dry brushed with a few different shades of gray but not too heavy. The root was then dry brushed with a lighter gray to give it a sun-baked look. The ferns were actually part of a bigger plastic fern plant that was picked up at the local craft store. Cut a few small fronds off and bend the leaves a little bit with your fingers give them a curved look and glue them in with superglue. Placing the fern in rock crevasses makes it easier to keep them in place and make them more durable. After all of this has dried you can glue static grass or ground turf as shown in this picture.

This piece will take you about as long to make as it took you to read this tutorial. This is a very easy, fast, durable playing piece.