Broken Ground
by John "Scarab" Salmond

In every city, especially those with a history, there are areas that have fallen into a state of disrepair...

Materials Needed:
Plaster of Paris
Small Rocks
Plastic card

Step 1: Rough Terrain
Start out by making a variety of small blocks and sand the edges down so they are on an angle and slope towards the edges. I did this to give it the feel that the ground had some type of upheaval. I glued the outer whole blocks on the plastic card with superglue because whiteglue does not adhere to the plastic. Once the outer edges were glued on I proceed to make some broken pieces for the center. I glued those in as well and then affixed sand with whiteglue (1A & 1B).

I then just painted it up so it looked like my Menoth Board tutorial. It turned out a bit darker because i forgot to prime the plaster before I painted it. Therefore it was a bit darker. That is okay because now it is a bit different than than the board (1C & 1D).

This was a very simple and fairly fast piece to make. The purpose is to provide rough terrain for a board that is all stone. Sometimes simple is best. If you have any question you can contact me at or you can contact me on the forums. Hope this helps.