by Jim "Nobody" Cornell

A mist rises in the early morning hours. Townsfolk are awakened by the rhythmic beat of many boots against the cobblestone. Rushing to their windows they watch as the army disburses throughout the town to shouts of officers to prepare a defensive line...

I have just finished a 3,000 point Warmaster army and wanted to build a town for some scenery for it to fight around. Here is a beginner project that is as easy as it is versatile.

Materials Needed:
Thick card stock
Soda carton
Old business card
White glue

Step 1: The Basic Structure
Transfer the template onto some thick card and cut out using an Xacto knife. I use Illustration board but styrene sheet could also work (1A).

I cut the corners of all the buildings in this tutorial at a 45-degree angle but you don't have to. I used an old soda carton for the timbers because it is thinner than the thick stock. Make sure the timbers still fit before gluing them on (1B).

Attach the roof panels. Cut the business card into strips and then cut the shingles from the strips. Attach to roof by applying a bead of white glue. I found an easy way to handle the shingles was to gently stab them with the Xacto knife and touch it to the bead of glue which would pull the shingle off the knife. I found I could do a whole roof in about 10 minutes (1C).

Step 2: Two-Level Buildings
Two story buildings can be done by taking Step 1 a little further. Transfer the template to a piece of thick card, cut out the assemble (2A & 2B).

Step 3: Different Shapes:
The same techniques used above can be modified to make other buildings with different shapes. Remember the ore diverse your town is the more interesting it will look. A different sort of building can be done by taking Step 1 a little further. Transfer the template to a piece of thick card, cut out and assemble.

Step 4: The Corner Inn
The Corner Inn is a combination of Steps 2 and 3. Transfer the template below to a piece of thick card, cut out and assemble (4A & 4B).

The railing supports were made of tubular beads. The handrail is a thing strip of sheet styrene. The balcony supports are made out of matchsticks.

Step 5: Different Scales
The buildings in this tutorial are 10mm in scale. They can be made for 15mm by increasing all of the dimensions 150% as shown in the photo below. The one on the left is 10mm and the one on the right is 15mm.

You are only limited by your imagination. 'Till next time,