Khador Iron Smelter
by Pat "Pat" Ohta

Every kingdom needs a smelter to make the metals necessary to prepare for battle. I decided to make a small one that fits in with the atmosphere of Warmachine.

Materials Needed
Foam board
Plastruct 1:12 Board and Batten
Plastruct 1:48 Random Coursed Stone
Styrene strips

Styrene sheet
Styrene channels
Rabbet cutter
Hot GLue Gun
PVC pipe
Pipe cutter
Crazy Glue
"Touch n Flow" applicator
Card stock
Leather hole punch
Corrugated card
Pegasus Chemical Plant kit
Tamiya tank bits
Aquarium filter upright cap
Plastic mesh
Water bottle cap
Woodland Scenics snow flock

Step 1: The Structure
Cut two 5" x 7", and two 4-1/2" x 5" pieces of foam board. These will be the front, back and sides of the building (1A).

Cut a door of any size in one of the 4-1/2" x 5" pieces. Use the door as a template and cut a slightly larger piece of corrugated card. Using hot glue, attach this for the corrugated rollup door (1B).

Use your rabbet cutter to slice both sides of the front and back walls. A rabbet is a groove cut into the edge of the board that allows you to make a very nice 90 degree corner (1C).

If you do not have a rabbet cutter, simply measure the thickness of your foam board and apply that measurement to one of the sides that are going to be joined together. Take your Xacto knife and cut through the top layer of the foam board and remove it along with the foam, leaving the bottom layer of paper (1D).

Pick areas out where you would like to have windows. This place is going to be hot (it is a foundry after all) so I made my windows big. I made a template that measured 1" x 3/4". I placed this along the sides of the building and then cut out the windows. Save the cut outs. Apply hot glue to the rabbet cuts and join all of the walls together. To make the roof I cut out two 7" x 3-3/8" pieces of foam board. To make the front and back triangle pieces. I first cut out two 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" pieces. Find the center point along one of the long edges and make a dot. Use your ruler and draw lines from the dot to the two opposing corners. At this point you should have a triangle. Cut out both triangles and glue all of the pieces together (1E).

Glue the roof to the main building. Next, we will make a small store room to go alongside the main room. Cut two 2" x 2-1/2" pieces of foam board for the sides of the store room. Cut one 5" x 2-1/2" from the front. Using your window template, cut out more windows. Cut a rabbet into both sides of the front panel and glue the parts together. Make a roof for the store room (1F).

Cut pieces of plastic mesh and glue them to the inside of the building covering the window holes (1G & 1H).

Take the cut out windows and glue them in at an able. These will become our window shutters (1I).

Cut strips of Evergreen .030 x .080 styrene strips and glue them to the bottom edge of each window shutter. To make the hinges, cut 1/2" strips of Evergreen .040 x .100. Bend these pieces in half and glue them to the tops of the shutters (1J).

Cut the Plastruct Board and Batten sheets and glue it to the roof. I made mine slightly larger so there would be a lip (1K & 1L).

Cut strips of 1/2" card stock and fold them in half. Glue these to the top of the roof and to the edges of the building (1M & 1N).

My initial plan was to stop here and add a smoke stack, but after looking over the building I decided to make a dedicated section for the furnace. So we are back to cutting more foam board. Cut two 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" pieces for the front and top sides. Next cut two pieces for the sides. These measurements will take into consideration the slope of the roof so we don't have to figure that out later. Make a trapezoidal piece with the following measurements—front 2-1/2", top 2-1/2", back 3-1/2" and the bottom 2-1/2". Rabbet cut the front and top pieces (1O).

Now cut some corrugated card to fit the roof of this piece and cut out Plastruct Random Coursed Stone to fit the front and sides. Hot glue the card and plastic sheets to the piece. Then glue all the sides together. Also, glue strips of card to the edges of the walls like we did earlier. When this is done glue them to the back of the building (1P).

Step 2: The Details
To construct the dual smoke stacks we will need tow 3/4"" PVC T-joints, and PVC piping to fit into it. use a Dremel or any sanding or scraping tool to remove any company names embossed on the pipe. These parts were made by the Khador empire not NEBCO like mine said.

These pieces will be glued to the back of the building and on tip of the furnace shed. Place the T-joint on end, and trace a circle where the pipe meets the roof on the furnace. Cut out a hole with an Xacto and hot glue it in place. Also, glue the T-joint to the side of the building (2A).

Next take your pipe cutter and cut a piece of PVC pipe 3-1/4" long. Attach this to the T-joint with Crazy Glue (2B).

The basic structure is not complete and you can stop here if you wish. Otherwise we move onto what I call the super detail phase. This is where we add rivets and other details to make this building stand out. Take a scrap sheet of styrene and punch out rivets using a leather punch. I like to use the smallest setting for this. Glue the rivets to the card using Crazy Glue. Evenly place drops of Crazy Glue where you want the rivets to be. Then gently stab a rivet with your Xacto and set it in the glue. Do a little at a time so the glue doesn't cure before you have a chance to apply a rivet (2D & 2E).

Glue rivets to the hinges of each window. I like to use Tenax-7R for this, but Crazy Glue also works. Tenax-7R is a special welding solvent for styrene. Fill your "Tough n Flow" applicator tip to the seam where the rivet meets the hinge. Tenax-7R will fuse the seam through capillary action (2F & 2G).

Cut out the boiler pieces from the Pegasus Chemical Plant. There should be three pieces (two sides and a cap). Saw the boiler cap in half and remove the tabs. Glue the half cap to one of the boiler sides. Now hot glue both of them tot he furnace. Also, cut out the control box and glue it to the front of the building (2H & 2I).

Take the styrene channels and glue it to the sides and front of the building. I like to use these to cover up any mistakes I made and to break up large areas of walls that need some kind of detail (2J).

I like to buy Tamiya tank kits for the parts. Industrial Light and Magic uses these same kits to build many of the original models seen in Star Wars. I found a couple of vents in one of the the tank kits and glued them to the top of the main building. I also added a vent on the storage unit by cutting off the top of a water bottle and gluing it to the roof (2K, 2L & 2M).

Step 3: The Paint
The Khador Smelter is now complete and ready for paint. I first used whiteglue and painted over any exposed edges of foam. After this dried, I spray painted the building with texturized black spray paint. The entire piece was painted using P3 paints. The main building and storage roof were painted using Battledress Green. I then highlighted them with Thrall Flesh, Jack Bone and Menoth White Highlight. The stone was painted with Bastion Gray, and highlighted with Jack Bone, Menoth White Base, Menoth White Highlight, and Morrow White Highlight. The dual smoke stacks were painted Iron Hull Gray, and highlighted with Bastion Gray and Morrow White Highlight. All metal areas were painted with Pig Iron, and washed with brown ink and Armor Wash. Rust was applied using Bloodstone and Khador Red Highlight (3A & 3B).

I added additional weathering to the building using Thamar Black mixed with various P3 browns. I like to add logos and numbers to industrial buildings. For this task I asked local artist Solomon Enos to draw up an original Khador logo I could add to my building. After he finished the freehand drawing, I cut it out and stenciled it to the front of the building (3C & 3D).

The last thing to do is add snow. I like to use the Woodland Scenics Snow Flock mixed with a little water and whiteglue. Mix it to a semi-dry consistency and apply it to the areas where snow would collect (3E, 3F, 3G, & 3H).

This piece was built without a base so lights can be installed. If you have dry ice you can let it vent out of the smoke stacks too (3I).

There you have it, a Khador Smelter! Now that you know how to make one, get to work and keep your battlefield from being boring.