Menoth Table
by John "Scarab" Salmond

The project was started because I was in need of more terrain pieces for my newly constructed Menoth board. I also wanted a water feature on the board.

Materials Needed:
Plaster of Paris
Fishing Line
Two-part clear epoxy
Crazy Glue

Step 1: The Base

I used the round lid to the Plaster of Paris container for the mold. I mixed some Plaster of Paris and poured it into the lid. After it set up but before completely dry I popped it out and carving out the inner area where the water would be. After I carved it out I elevated it on some paint bottles so more of the surface area would be in contact with air in order for it to dry out easier. I found some other round pieces laying around that I used for the two inner pieces that would support the griffon (1A).

Step 2: The Statue

I happened to have tons of figs, some of which are 20 plus years old (2A). I have started to find ways to use them. I thought the griffon would be a good fountain piece that I could have water coming out of the mouth.

Step 3: The Paint

I finished carving out all of the plaster so it would resemble the board. I painted the fountain using the same colors as the board. I painted the grays on the griffon (3A). I drybrushed lighter grays on the griffon to give it depth.

Step 4: The Fountain Water

For the fountain I would be using some fishing line to create the look of water coming out of the mouth (4A). I glued three pieces of fishing line into the mouth of the griffon. I let them dry and then attached them to the bottom of the fountain. I also glued the fishing lines together with some crazy glue. I used some turf to glue around it in random places for a mossy feel (4B).

After the fishing line was dry I put some of the two-part clear epoxy on the fishing line to thicken it up and put some bubbles in it to give it the illusion of water. It is easy to apply to the fishing line because it doesn't flow like envirotex does.

After everything was painted and the fishing line was in place I poured some Envirotex into the basin of the fountain. After it dried I used some of the acrylic medium to make the surface look like it was in motion (4C & 4D).

If you have any questions you can contact me by email at or you can contact me on the forum. I hope this helps in your next project.