Menoth Table
by John "Scarab" Salmond

Civilizations have been know to make their foundations on the stonework of previous civilizations. Here is an example of a sound foundation that can take on the additional structures of a city board...

Materials Needed:
Wall Joint Compound
4'x4' plywood

The Board

I started off by cutting a four by four foot square out of 1/2" plywood. I wanted to have a table that was entirely carved. That required covering the entire board with wall joint compound (WJC). I wanted to have a circle in the middle with the Menoth symbol on it. I made a circular mold out of cardboard and to create the middle. I put the WJC in the framework of the cardboard.

I let that dry and then made cardboard straight edge so I could frame the roads in. I had to make all of the raised areas at least a half inch thick. Then the roads needed to come off of the circle in a cross fashion to symbolize the Menoth symbol. After creating the roads, put a layer of WJC over the rest of the board about a quarter of an inch thick. I sanded the entire table to smooth out any imperfections. After it was complete I started by drawing lines on the table using a ruler and a square. I used the roads with the square keep everything parallel to each other.

I was now time to carve up the table using my carving tools. I just made guidelines with the pencil lines and then carve the rest freehand. Make sure when you carve that you have some of the bricks broken up to give it some character.

I drew the symbol in the middle and carved the rest of the table.

Before painting the table I wanted to seal it. I had a gallon of house primer paint you use on the interior of your home. I happen to be remodeling a couple of rooms so that came in handy. When you use the primer it makes your WJC tougher. I put a couple of layers of that on first. I then paint a light brown over the table that I thinned slightly with water. Next came the wash (50/50 paint and water). I did some dry brushing after all of the paint was dry.

The center piece is a mixture of medium to dark reds. I wanted it to stand out and stay in line with the overall theme of the Mennite Nation.

The edge is whiter stone color again to keep in line with the overall theme.

You can vary a table like this to any degree. The important thing to remember to give you table depth with washes and dry brushing. But most important is seal your table to toughen up the surface.

Hope you enjoy,