Mushroom Geysers
by John "Scarab" Salmond

Wait for it...Any second now...There you go! The water is superheated below the ground, expands and rushes to the surface bringing with it chemicals and subterranean deposits. Over time these deposits form naturally occurring structures that continue to grow and reshape with time.

This was something I created so I could play with water effects. The idea behind this was to create something with water in them but also not take up room on the playing board. This is more for fun than practicality on the playing board. Anyway, let's get started.

Materials Needed:
Hanger wire
Flower stem wire
Masking Tape
Static grass
1/4" masonite

Step 1: Armature
I first started by making my mushrooms out of hanger wire and small gauge wire like flower stem wire that is fairly easy to bend. You will want to make a good skeleton for your mushrooms (1A & 1B). I wish I would have used more wire for mine so I recommend more wire than you see in the pictures.

Step 2: Form
I then made my base out of masonite. I recommend spraying it with sealer so it does not warp the board when you apply anything to it. Take your wire mushrooms and place them on your board. Use Celluclay to apply them to the base (2A). Your mushrooms will need a wire base so you can secure it to the base. After that has dried then start making your mushrooms. Once you have created the mushrooms you can begin to paint them.

Step 3: Painting
After the mushrooms are fully painted mix some Envirotex with a small tint of blue in them so it is still transparent. I used oil paint for the coloring. If you have not done this before you will want to start with very small amounts. After the first layer of blue is complete and dry then you can apply a clear layer of Envirotex. This will give it a fading color look (3A & 3B). Reminds me of geysers that I have seen. This is a relatively simple tutorial but was fun and fast to make. These mushrooms stand about 10 inches or taller.

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Hope you enjoy,