Necrotite Storage Tanks
by Jim "Nobody" Cornell

It was the sound of impending danger. No birds sang. No insects called to their mates. No fauna sprang through the surrounding undergrowth. There was absolutely no sound at all. What lay in the clearing was clearly to blame for they were four sentinels of death. Four Cryxian storage tanks. Each teaming with corruption. Suddenly, the clearing sprang to life as walking nightmares crashed through the trees into the clearing...

Klepto is always going on and on about wanting this and that, so to shut him up, I asked him if there was one thing he wanted what would it be? Ever the Cryxian, he answered that he wanted four things—four Cryxian storage tanks so he could play the scenario on page 145 of the Escalation rulebook.

Materials Needed:
4 8oz. soda cans
Sheet styrene
White glue
Items from your morgue (box of odds & ends from other models. Also known as a "Bitz Box.")
Flock or static grass

Step 1: Cut the bases to size and bevel.
I used 1/4" styrene but masonite or similar material will also work.

Part 2: Empty soda cans and affix one to each base.
I was looking for a large storage tank look similar to what you might see at a refinery. My daughter drank one and I drank three. Hey, I'm bigger and they were kind of small!

Part 3: Create control boxes
Use the template (3A) to make the control boxes. Attach to each can. I was going to just affix the parts to the can itself, but was afraid Klepto would complain that it looked too plain.

Part 4: Add the details
I used a part from a paper towel holder for the top, protective rings from new superglue tubes for windows on the control panels, and old model parts from a Monogram 144th scale Space Shuttle model. I also went completely nuts and used green stuff to make the rivets all over the tanks. Yes it was a lot of work, but it paid off in the end (4A). We make a lot of Space Shuttle models at work and there are always pieces left over. It seems like there are a lot more pieces left over when I make the shuttle models.

Part 5: Dirt the bases
Spread white glue on the bases, cover with dirt and allow to dry. Jenzen liked helping on this step.

Part 6: Undercoat black

Part 7: Paint dirt burnt umber

Part 8: Heavy dry brush base with Vallejo Model Color Flat Earth

Part 9: Dry brush base with with Vallejo Model Color Stone

Part 10: Paint the storage tanks with Ral Partha Steel
Now you can see how the tanks are starting to look (10A).

Part 11: Dry brush each tank with GW Boltgun Metal

Part 12: Use a sponge to apply a black ink wash where you want rust to be and let dry

Part 13: Use a sponge to apply a sepia ink wash over the black wash and let dry

Part 14: Use a sponge to apply Vallejo Model Color Flat Earth over black and sepia washes
I used the sponge technique for the randomness It was fun because it was different than just using a brush (14A). It sucks up a lot of ink/paint though...

Part 15: Use a sponge to apply Vallejo Model Color Bright Orange
Go easy. Too much bright orange can ruin the whole effect

Part 16: Paint inside of windows with Vallejo Model Color Deep Green

Part 17: Paint inside of windows with Vallejo Model Color Olive Green

Part 18: Paint window frames with GW Brazen Brass

Part 19: Highlight window frames with Ral Partha Gold

Part 20: Make some rust drips below some of the rivets using a sepia ink wash

Part 21: Spray with glossy seal

Part 22: Spray with fat seal and allow the tanks to dry completely

Part 23: Load up a brush with a 50-50 mixture of white glue and water and randomly dab the mixture onto the base.

Part 24: Cover glue mixture with flock/static grass and allow to dry.
There you go, a fairly easy terrain piece you can wow your friends with at your next game (24A).

Afterthoughts: Don't overdo the rust. Less is more.

Also, when pulling pieces out of your morgue, keep in mind how many tanks you plan to make and look for pieces in multiples of the number you are making so they all have the same feel.

I deliver the storage tanks to Klepto on game night. Now he is already yapping about the next project he wants me to do..