<%@ Page MasterPageFile="terrainthralls.master" %> Scenario Death Unleashed!

A Cryxian warcaster has lost control of the Deathjack. Freed from the magics that held it in slavery, the Deathjack is restored to its full power and again under its own dark will. The remains of the defeated warcaster's battle group have taken to following the Deathjack as their new master.

In addition, as the Deathjack ravages the countryside it has created a group of risen to command.

A local village has learned of the roaming threat and has sent word for immediate help. A warcaster has arrived to offer assistance but speed required local populace to be hastily roused to defend their village. To reflect this, the opposing player must build a battle group made up with a minimum 200 points of living models (excluding the warcaster).

The Deathjack player begins play with a unit of 10 risen that also gain the advance deployment ability. The Deathjack is considered to be a warcaster with a focus score of 4. All other stats remain the same as the card. It may not take any living or mercenary models in its battle group. When an arm system is disabled the Deathjack's focus score is reduced by one until the arm system is repaired. The Deathjack is not affected by disruption or any focus-reducing effects. The Deathjack can only give orders to the unit of risen. The Deathjack must choose the spell list of any non-epic Cryxian warcaster as its own spell list.

Feat: The Deathjack may remove any spell and continues effects from itself. In addition, the Deathjack gains its focus fresh and may immediately make one additional activation. Any soul tokens gathered during this activation my be immediately used as focus.