The Ice Man Cometh
by Jim "Nobody" Cornell

The frozen northlands are an inhospitable place. Only the most cunning and experienced have gone there and returned. On such a trek a hearty band of explorers find themselves without shelter and only hours before sundown and a certain death. As they grimly move forward a large structure seems to rise out of the snow. As they approach they discover what looks like a cave. Is it empty or does it house one of the denizen known to inhabit not only these wastelands but nightmares...

I picked this piece up at the local pet store. It looked too cool to not make something out of it.

Materials Needed:
Aquarium piece
8-10 pieces of landscape bark
Future Floor Wax

Step 1: Prepping The Bark
Bark is very porous and will soak up paint like nobody's business. To help prevent this, soak 8-10 pieces of landscaping bark in Future Floor Wax overnight.

Step 2: The Aquarium Piece
Although these pieces should be fish-friendly, they sometimes still have a bit of mold release on them. Remove any potential release by washing the aquarium piece in warm soapy water and set aside to dry (2A).

Step 3: The Base
Trace the aquarium piece base onto a piece of masonite. Then cut and bevel the edges (3A).

Step 4: The Bark
Arrange the bark as a foundation for the aquarium piece (4A). When they are dry, glue into place. I then gave them a quick shot of primer to see how fast it was absorbed into the wood (4B).

Step 5: The Paint
Prime the whole structure white and allow to dry.

Paint the shadows by using a combination of Vallejo Paint White and Vallejo Paint Green Blue (5A).

Keep adding VP White to VP Green Blue until you build up to plain white (5B).

Seal the finished piece with a clearcoat of your choice I used two thin coats of gloss then two thin coats of Dullcoat.

Dang! That was easy!