We have for you the 10 hair color mistakes that are usually made by women who dye their hair because they do not consult a specialist or they do not pay attention to certain details:

10 Mistakes You Can Made in Hair Coloring

  1. When you change your color do not go too far from your original color, just a couple of shades. It is best to change your hair color gradually otherwise you will damage it. If you want to change your hair color from blonde to brunette you should do it gradually.
  2. What you see on the box is not necessarily what you get. When you go to your local store to buy hair color you see all those pretty women on the box who have a perfect hair. You choose the one you want and you expect that you will look like the women in the picture when you are done. This will not happen because the coloring is done by a professional and the photos as well.
  3. Before you change the color of your hair you should see if you have a cool or warm skin undertone. By doing this you will make sure that the color you picked will flatter you. You can determine this by looking at your wrist. If the veins from your wrist are blue then you are cool if not you are warm.
  4. Never apply the color all at once because the roots of the hair absorb hair color faster than the rest of the hair.
  5. If you make yourself dark ends you have a problem because they are hard to remove and cost a lot of money.
  6. Make sure that you do not miss any spot. When you apply the color on your hair you can see very well if you covered the entire head because you can not see that in a mirror.
  7. Most women damage their hair with hair color because they do not know how to apply it. To solve this problem it is best to go at a specialist.
  8. When you bleach your hair does not let it on your hair too long or you will damage your hair.
  9. The myth that you should not wash your hair before you color it is completely untrue. You should wash your hair before doing so but avoid using a conditioner. If you get your hair oily the color will not stick the same on the entire hair and you will end up with patches.
  10. Never apply hair color on treated hair or you will damage it.
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