Here's your chance to make the greatest terrain piece of your life and show it off to the rest of the world. Put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into your next project. We promise we'll love it. However, this is a contest and there can only be one winner. Whoever that winner is will have their piece put up in a tutorial during April 2008 AND they'll receive a couple of prizes! And just to show that we really do think everybody does great work, 2nd and 3rd place will get prizes too! I mean, c'mon, it doesn't get better than this, does it? Below are the official rules, regulations, and submission guidelines. After you read them, stop slacking and get to work!

1st prize — First and third choice of the finished terrain pieces from the Khador Smelter, Buzzard Perch, and Plastered Plaster tutorials on our website (terrainthralls.com); an embroidered Terrainthralls shirt; and your tutorial posted on our website.
2nd prize — Second choice of the finished terrain pieces from the Khador Smelter, Buzzard Perch, and Plastered Plaster tutorials on our website; and an embroidered Terrainthralls shirt.
3rd prize — An embroidered Terrainthralls shirt.

1. Tutorials can be of any gaming genre of your choice (fantasy, sci-fi, historical, etc).
2. Figs can be included to show scale.
3. Submission cannot have been displayed previously in a periodical, website or on a forum. THIS HAS TO BE 100% ORIGINAL!
4. Tutorial must be written in Microsoft Word with insertion points written to show where corresponding photos should be inserted.

Below is an example from a past tutorial—

To all the guys we’ve whacked before…

Skorne Buzzard Perch

By Nobody

I decided to do a piece for my Skorne army. I wanted it to offer up a place for my boys to sit back, after a full day of dispatching the enemy, put their feet up and toss back a cold one while they took a moment to enjoy the fruits of their labors. I decided that a totem to one of their many victories was an absolute necessity. I hope you enjoy what I came up with…
[Insert Finished photo]
What you need to complete this project:
Your favorite material for the base
1/2” Styrene
Thin sheet styrene
Paper mache (Celuclay)
Super glue
Model paints
Spackle or contour putty
Brass rod
Picture wire
Drill and drill bits
Various Revenant Crew miniatures
Flock or static grass
Step 1: Cut your basing material to the size and shape you want and bevel the edges.
Step 2: Use the template below to cut the required support pieces. I used 1/2” styrene that I found on the side of the road but foamcore, Masonite or thick sheet styrene could also work.
[Insert Photo 1 here]
Step 3: Assemble as shown.
[Insert Photo 2 here]
Step 4: Cover the two…

5. Photo files should be color and in JPEG format. They should be shot at a resolution of 230 and should be 800 pixels by 600 pixels in size.
6. Submission deadline is midnight March 19, 2008 Eastern Time.
7. Submit work to: If you have a lot of photos you should consider sending them in lots of four or five at a time.
8. Failure to adhere to rules 1-7 will cause your submission to be rejected. There will be no exceptions for this, sorry but it has to be that way.
9. Upon receipt of your submission the Moderator will send a reply stating that your submission was received. If you don’t get a reply, your submission may have been lost in the ether. Do yourself a favor and get your submission in early to avoid any possible mishap.
10. Winners will be announced in April 2008.
11. Only one entry per person.
12. There is no maximum size limit to the terrain piece.
13. If you need clarifications on any of the above rules please contact us at: ; ; or .

a. The contest will be judged by a panel of judges. The Moderator will compile all submissions and present them to the judges together. In the name of fairness, the names of the contestants will be withheld from the judges by the Moderator. The Moderator is not a judge in this contest.
b. Nobody is the Moderator and will not be a judge. He will remove the name of submitter before presenting the submission to judges so your entry will be anonymous when voted on.
c. Terrainthralls and their immediate families are not eligible. Employees of Privateer Press are also not eligible (sorry, we don’t want to appear to be suck-ups!).
d. By sending us your submission you are giving the Terrainthralls permission to use your tutorial and pictures on our website.
e. All judges decisions will be final.
f. Just to clarify, don't send in your actual piece. We just want the pictures and the tutorial writeup. We have enough terrain cluttering up our houses, and it is your piece anyway :)

*** This isn't a guideline, but it is a suggestion, size does matter. Bigger pieces will probably be scored higher than smaller pieces. We suggest you make your piece at least 8" x 8". Think about it, not many people visit this sight to see how to make a single tree. ***