by Jon "CryxJon" Baker

Here's a quick tutorial for making a crater. I figure, terrain-wize, you could treat the crater as a low wall and the inside of the crater as rough terrain.

Materials Needed:
Pink foam (1/2")
Hot wire foam cutter

Step 1: Mark Your Foam
For the crater, I just grabbed my nearest roll of tape and drew the outside circumference. Again, I freehanded the inner circle roughly a half-inch, figuring if you can base up to the other side of the crater you're non-reach guys would be considered in melee. Once you have both circles drawn out you want to freehand a circle between the two to sort of roughly mark where the top of the crater will be.

Step 2: Cut Your Foam
I basically just cut the outer circle at the line and then carved the inner circle, I poked a hole in the middle of the circle and ran the wire through the whole and reconnected it so I wouldn't have to carve through the crater at all. I basically did the same thing on the inner circle as I did on the outer.

Step 3: Make A Base For The Crater
I just used a coffee lid for the base; I drew around the craters outer edge and cut it out with a pair of scissors. Once I had the base cut out I painted both sides a base color of brown.

Step 4: Attach Pink Foam To Base And Add Dirt
I glued the pink foam to the base and slapped a few coats of brown on just to create a base for the dirt. After I gave the whole thing a decent coat of brown, I made a 50/50 glue/water mix and covered the whole thing and added sand. I made a few piles in the the crater but for the most part I just made a light pile of sand everywhere else. To get the sand to stick I kept gently adding the glue/water mix of few times over the next couple of days, I think I want over it maybe 5 or so more times just to make sure the dirt wa thoroughly stuck down.

Step 5: Paint
I started with a wash of black, basically just 50/50 black and water to get shadows in there, after that I went with a drybrush of brown and another drybrush of tan.

It's basically a rehash of the trenchers entrenched tokens but fun nonetheless. Next up is a smoke template for the Trencher's and Goreman for that matter. I'm sure there're other 3-inch smoke templates but anyway that's what's next on the list.

Jon "Cryxjon" Baker