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Scenario Ė Trespassers

Ötoday while tracking the remnants of the Khadoran battle group we had defeated 2 days previous, we stumbled upon a large standing stone with engravings. Lt. Brysen used to be an adventurer before joining up and recognized it. He couldnít read it but said it was used to mark Troll territory. Idiot journeyman Brock didnít care about "no blue-skinned savages" and ordered us to continue on strait into the Troll lands. Iíve seen trollkin but never a full-blood troll before. Brysen said I donít want to."

- Excerpt from the diary of Sword Knight xxxx, 607 AR.


Two battle groups from the Iron Kingdoms have taken their fight into forbidden grounds. They have ignored the territory markers and have wandered too close to a troll village. A group of young trolls are eager to prove their battle prowness and act against the advice of their village chief.

This scenario is for 2 WARMACHINE players using the HORDES quickstart rules and Trollblood war beast cards posted on Privateer Pressí web site. If you arenít one of the lucky few who have access to a TrollBlood box set then proxy your trolls using a Boomhowler & Co. box set.

Set Up:

Starting with the player who won the tactical roll, each player takes turns placing a piece of terrain on the table. Terrain may not be placed within 3" of another terrain feature nor on top of another terrain feature. Terrain may not be placed in deployment zones. When one player is finished placing terrain, the opposing player may place one more. Players deploy normally.

Special Rules:

Starting on the 2nd round of play, during the maintanance phase, the controlling player rolls a d6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the entrance of a troll is delayed for another turn and the game proceeds as normal. Otherwise, roll a d6 again to determine what kind of troll enters the board. On a roll of 1-4 the beast is an Impaler, on a 5 or 6 the beast is an Axer. There will be a maximum of 4 war beasts on the table at a time. If one war beast is removed from play in any way, then continue to make the roll to see if one enters the game until 4 are in play.

No player controls the trolls. They will act in a pre-programmed way, therefore either player can move and roll for the trolls. The trolls only act once per round and on the players turn where they entered the game. The troll war beast will only deploy on the sides of the table and on a table edge that has the least amount of distance between a table edge and a unit for it to attack. The different units will act as follows:

The beasts will act in the following manner but will only act in a way that accumulates 1 fury point per round. Troll Impalers will prefer to get close enough to throw their spear and will boost the attack roll. Troll Axers will attempt to charge the nearest target. If engaged, both types of trolls generate a fury point to attempt a 2nd attack. They will never use their animus. Troll fury points do not go away and therefore all normal HORDES rules must be used when determining threshold checks and maximum fury.

Victory Conditions:

The player with the only surviving warcaster wins!