Simple Hill
by John "Scarab" Salmond

Gone is the warmth of a homemade meal. Gone are the warm embraces of our loved ones. Gone is the time were I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. Gone are the fields we trained upon. Now are the enemies behind every tree, rock and hill...

I am just making some simple terrain pieces for gaming at home. While I am at it why not take some pictures of it as I go?

Materials Needed:
Pink foam
Small rocks
Rubble pieces
Static grass
Clumped foliage

Step 1: The Base

This is made from some pink foam I picked up at Home Depot. I used a foam cutter to cut the piece out and shave the edges. Once the edges were cut out I used some 220 grit sand paper to smooth down the hills cut edges. On a couple of edges I wanted some obstacles (small cliffs) just to change things up a bit. I worked those with a small dental tool but I imagine you could do the same with a hobby knife. After this was complete I took some rocks and random rubble pieces and glued them to the foam with some whiteglue.

Step 2: Dirt

I should have done this when I attached every thing else but I didn't. After looking at it I wanted more sand to be added for exposed earth.

Step 3: The Earth

After it was all dry it was now time to paint. I mixed some brown with a little bit of black, then added water to make it easier to apply and run into the crack in the rock.

Step 4: Paint

The next step was to drybrush the rocks and sand. I used three different colors of brown. Medium to a light sand color as the final highlight. This is one of my standard methods for earth. Why go away from an easy thing. After the earth was done I painted the ruins a dark gray. I then did two lighter colors of gray as a drybrush.

Step 5: Flock

I mixed three different colors of static grass and threw in some moss pieces for random texture. I applied whiteglue and pressed the static grass mixture onto it. I then flipped the terrain piece upside down and tapped the bottom to make the grass stand up and to shake off the extra.

This was fairly quick and easy to make. I need more terrain like this at my home. We are starting to game here more and have painting nights. I hope you enjoy and can take something from this. If you have any questions you can e-mail me or jump on the Salmondworks forum.