Water Tower
by John "Scarab" Salmond

Warmachine is set in a steam powered world so I searched the web for things that might fit. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy.

Materials Needed:
Pringles can
Plastic sucker sticks
Plastic styrene
Static grass
India ink
Rubbing alcohol
Balsawood strips
Toilet paper

Step 1: The Supports
I started out by cutting the base out of Masonite and filed down the edges. I created a hexagon template out of paper so I could create the base template so I could arrange the nails for the sucker sticks. I glued the nails down in a hexagon formation. Once dry the sucker sticks were glued on them. (1A, 1B & 1C)

Part 2: The Water Container
I cut the Pringles can down to about three and a half inches. The balsawood strips were then applied to the Pringles can. This was done using whiteglue making sure not to let any of the glue show through. Once this was done the plastic styrene strips were glued around the wood. The framework was also completed below. The top water tower was then attached to the framework.

Part 3: The Top
The top was made out of sheet styrene cut into a large circle. The circle was cut from the center to the edge. Once the cut was made I made a cone from the styrene and glued it together with superglue. I then applied styrene strips to the roof to hide the seam and create the look I was after. The water pipe was made from one of the sucker sticks and applied with green stuff and toilet paper. The ladder was made with a homemade jig out of balsawood and styrene. (3A, 3B, 3C & 3D)

After everything was assembled I made rivets with a hole punch that was one sixteenth in size. I then applied the rivets with superglue.

After this was all done and the rivets were applied it was time to ink the wood. I made a mixture of one part India ink and about thirty parts rubbing alcohol (3E). I tested the mixture on spare balsawood to make sure I had the look I wanted. I applied the first coat and let dried and then went back and touched it up where I thought it needed it. (3F & 3G)

After this was all done I painted the metal with boltgun metal. I did a black was over all and then painted some rusting effects. I applied the static grass and some miscellaneous grasses and brush.

I know this is a quick tutorial so if you have any questions let me know at scarab@terrainthralls.com.