Hedgerows—A variation on a theme

By Nobody

February 17, 2008


D-Day plus 6: The going is slow as the allies are forced to slog it out a yard at a time through the hedgerows that criss-cross northern France.  A column of Shermans passes by followed by the staccato of enemy machinegun fire…


This tutorial is a variation of a few previous tutorials . Blitzkrieg Commander is one of my favorite games, so after painting up a bunch of Germans and US stands I sat down to knock out some terrain. This is how I made some hedgerows...




Masonite or other basing material (small scraps work nicely for this)

Framing wire

Papermache (Celluclay)

White glue

Super Glue


Clump foliage



Step 1:  The Base

As with all terrain pieces I do I start with a base. I grabbed a few small scraps from a box I keep near my scroll saw (big pieces go in a stack, small pieces in a box, and tiny pieces in the garbage). I then rounded the corners with a Dremil and beveled the edges.


Step 2:  The Trees

I cut some framing wire into 1-1/4” lengths and unraveled them most of the way. Then I twisted them into the shape of branches and trimmed the wires that looked too long.



Step 3:  The Earth

I then took generous blobs of papermache and made mounds on the bases and while it was still wet covered everything with white glue and dirt. I then pushed the wire trees into the papermache at varying intervals as shown in the graphic below and left over night to dry.



Step 4:  Paint

I coated the entire piece with Burnt Umber. Then I did a heavy drybrush of Flat Earth on the ground followed by a light drybrush of Stone Grey mixed with Tan.


Step 5:  Flock

I used white glue to put flock in random places.


Step 6:  Clump Foliage

Finally I dabbed some super glue on the branches of the trees and attached different shades of clump foliage to make the treetops.



It is easiest to do a bunch of these at a time in an assembly line fashion. ‘Till next time,