The Ice Man Cometh

Aquarium pieces revisited

By Nobody

I picked this piece up at the local pet store. It looked too cool no not make something out of it.

Things you will need:

Aquarium piece

8-10 pieces of landscaping bark



Future Floor Wax

Hot glue gun (optional)

Step 1:

The bark is very porous and will soak up paint like nobody’s business. To help prevent this, soak 8-10 pieces of landscaping bark in Future Floor Wax overnight.

Step 2:

Although these pieces should be fish-friendly, they sometimes still have a bit of mold release on them. Remove any potential release by washing the aquarium piece in warm soapy water and set aside to dry.

Step 3:

Trace aquarium piece base onto a piece of Masonite. Then cut and bevel the edges.

Step 4:

Arrange the bark as a foundation for the aquarium piece. When they are dry, glue into place. I then gave them a quick shot of primer to see how fast it was absorbed into the wood.

Step 5:

Prime the whole structure white and allow to dry.

Step 6

Paint the shadows by using a combination of VP White and VP Green Blue

Step 7

Keep adding VP White to VP Green Blue until you build up to plain white.

Step 8

Seal the finished piece with a clearcoat of your choice. I used two thin coats of gloss then two thin coats of Dullcoat

Dang! That was easy!