As the cooler months start to approach, it is often a time when we like to change our hairstyles and our hair color. Dark hair color ideas are very popular this time of year as they offer us a significant change in our appearance and provide a warmer tone to our hair.

Dark hair color ideas can range from auburns to dark browns and even to black. The color you choose should blend well not only with your skin tone, but your eye color, and the current shade of your hair. Many professionals recommend that you only use a hair color within three to four shades of your natural color.

The easiest and possibly the most dramatic way to change your appearance would be to color your hair. Choosing the best hair color is not as simple as walking down the hair color aisle at your local store and choosing a color you like.

You really need to take into account the tone of your skin, the color of your eyes, the amount of makeup you tend to wear and the colors that you are comfortable in.

Dark hair color ideas that suit a person with olive skin will not look at all pleasant on someone with a very light, pinkish complexion. Olive toned skin will suit dark hair colors the best, though you should be careful to not go lighter than your skin tone. For example, a blond hair color would tend to look extremely out of place with this darker skin tone.

Another way to determine your skin tone and complimentary hair color would be to look in the mirror and compare your skin tone under a bright, natural light. Look at the color of your veins. If your veins appear with a bluish tint, then you have a cool skin tone which would work well with some red/auburn shades like burgundy, garnet, and cherry.

Darker brown like coffee or black hair color shades can go quite well with the deeper olive skin and most eye colors.

If your veins show with a bit of a greenish tint to them, then you have a warmer skin tone which is generally associated with a pale complexion having some peach or gold undertones. Dark hair color ideas for this warmer complexion would be in the red ranges and deeper browns.

Having a skin tone a little warmer with yellow undertones and/or a more coppery skin color, along with eyes that are chocolate brown, amber, or green would go extremely well with dark hair color ideas in the deep brown range like coffee, espresso, dark golden brown or chestnut.

Although there are many dark hair color ideas to consider, try and remember that unless you really want to make a dramatic and extreme change to your hair, stay close to your natural color, consider your skin tone and eye color, and keep your hair shades within the same warm or cool tones that your skin exhibits.

Finding the right hair color takes a little bit of time and research to determine the color range that would suit your complexion, eye color and hairstyle the best. Once you find that perfect color, you will be amazed at how your appearance will dramatically change. And believe it or not, this new hair color also can boost your ability to feel positive and more outgoing.

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