Dandruff can always be regulated, but it may take a little persistence and patience in the part of the person involved. Daily cleansing using a regular shampoo to lessen skin cell buildup and oiliness can usually help dandruff in the mild form. When these shampoos fail, specialized shampoo for dandruff should be utilized. Like regular ones, dandruff removal shampoos also have different types and ingredients. That is why a little trial and error should be done in order to know what the best one for a person is. If burning, itching, redness, or a stinging sensation is developed from the shampoo used, then it should be discontinued immediately. For those who develop an allergic reaction like hives, difficulty breathing, and rashes, do not hesitate to call the doctor.

Different classifications of shampoo for dandruff

Selenium sulfide shampoos

This can lessen Malassezia furfur, the fungus that causes dandruff. This can also help in slowing down the skin cells from dying. The downside of this ingredient is it can discolor a color treated hair as well as grey and blonde manes. Because of that, this type of shampoo should only be used as indicated, an individual should also be careful to rinse it well after use.

Zinc pyrithione shampoos

Zinc has the ability to reduce the fungus located on the scalp. This is helpful for people suffering from psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

Ketoconazole shampoos

This is one of the most popular shampoo for dandruff because of its effectiveness and ease of use. This is the go-to shampoo for people who have tried everything to get rid of their dandruff to no avail. Because it is highly recommended by dermatologist and even ordinary people who have tried it, this shampoo is now available without prescription.

Tar-based shampoos

Like the Selenium sulfide shampoos, coal tar can slow down the skin cells from flaking and dying making it a favorite among many users. Consumers should only watch out for the awful smell coming from the tar. It is advisable to find a dandruff removal shampoo containing these ingredients that also smell good.

Salicylic acid shampoos

It is very effective in scrubbing the scalp, but the most unfavorable thing about it is it can cause dryness resulting in more flaking. To reap its effects, the user should utilize conditioners or moisturizers to help combat the dryness it can cause.


Natural shampoo for dandruff

There are also other methods to help the hair rid of dandruff. Read on for the following.

Tea tree oil

This oil smells great, not to mention it is a natural analgesic. Furthermore, shampoos containing this can regulate dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar

Believe it or not, vinegar can do wonders for the hair. To ensure that it will be effective, let the vinegar sit for 10 to 15 minutes. To get rid of the smell, a conditioner can be utilized after rinsing the vinegar off.


Yogurt is not only great for keeping the body in shape; it is also used to control dandruff.

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