Whether you want a full head of green hair or just some chunky highlights, there is a funky hair color style for you.

There are a ton of funky hair color ideas for brunettes. Brunettes should stick to dark, bold and neon colors to ensure the color shows up properly. Anything too light will fade away immediately.

Adding a deep, bright red color to just the bangs and the front pieces of your dark brown hair frames your face and adds an instant pop to your hairstyle. This works best on blunt, edgy cuts

Another funky idea is to add hot pink (or some other fun color, like a dark teal) to just the roots of your hair, and then a few streaks of it throughout the rest of your tresses. This style is certainly unexpected, but it’s a fun way to change up your usual look.
Gradual streaks of blue, blonde, and red on the tips of brown hair create a cool feather-like appearance. This works with longer hair as well. You can just color the tips, or you can add in much larger streaks of color, depending on the look you want.

Even just adding a single rainbow-bright color to your brunette hair will really spice things up. This look is fairly simple as far as funky hair colors go, but it is still fresh and fun.There is a large range of funky blonde hair colors ideas since most colors, no matter how light or dark, show up in blonde hair. Putting one giant streak of color in blonde hair looks funky and interesting. Any shade of pink looks cute and girly in blonde hair, but any color will work. A black streak would look edgy and rocker chic. Changing the color of the streak every month or so would be a cool way to keep things fresh and new.
If you have bangs, add in two copper streaks to the middle of your bangs, and then add in a few chunky streaks throughout the rest of your hair. The copper color compliments darker, more golden blondes.

Ombre hair is a really popular style, but most people that try this look just add a golden blond to the ends of their brown hair. Blondes can take it a step further. Dye your hair a platinum, almost white-blonde (but remember to get professional help when bleaching), and gradually add in some light grays about mid-way down the length of your hair. Keep making your hair a little bit darker and darker as you get further down your hair. By the time you get to the tips of your hair, you’ll be ready to add in the black. This same technique can be done with just about any color, but the gray and black really makes it stand out.

Dye the underside of your bangs red, and then leave the top part blonde. For this look, choppy, layered bangs will work best. This will allow some red to peek through. Then add a few chunky streaks in a contrasting color (blue, purple, yellow, etc.) throughout the ends of your hair.

Funky hair color ideas for short hair are endless. Funky hair colors look best on short hair because the boldness of bright colors, as well as the unconventional placement of the colors, is complemented by blunt cuts. Bright colors often make longer hair look heavy, but on short hair, outrageous colors stand up and out. Pops of blue, purple, and green peek out from under a short, spiky cut, framing the face beautifully. With longer hair, the color wouldn’t stand out as much and just wouldn’t have the same effect.

An asymmetrical haircut is accentuated by streaks of bold color. Mixing in thin highlights of pink, yellow, and light orange on top of dark hair creates a high-fashion, rockstar style
Try dying the tips of your hair all the way around your head. On short hairstyles, this gives the illusion of fringe. A bright blue really pops against dark hair. Blondes should try a more greenish-blue, and maybe add in some black along the fringe as well.
For those of you that are really ready for something new and outrageous, try this fiery look.

Dye your hair a bright red; the brightest red you can find. Then dye your bangs, fringe, or longer front pieces yellow and orange. Your hair will be the first thing people see when they’re around you, so be prepared for a lot of attention.
Whether you want to add color to the ends of your hair, to your bangs, or as streaks or highlights throughout your hair, there are tons of funky hair color options. Any of these looks will make you stand out in a crowd, and you’ll certainly never feel bored with your hair color.

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