I am a big fan of nude lipsticks. However, when I say “nude” I do not mean that extremely pale almost white lip. I like my nude lipsticks to mute out my natural lip color but not erase them. Does that make sense? I never have been a big fan of color on my lips. I just can’t pull if off! Besides, I like to play up my eyes and have always preferred a dramatic eye over a dramatic lip.

I am always on the search for the “perfect nude lipstick” and looking at swatches online of different colors and different brands. I finally decided to pick up two from NYX that I heard about. I have been using them for quite some time now. All 4 shades are “nudes” but differ in undertones. Below I listed the undertones I feel that each shade has. I feel that these lipsticks don’t get as much love in the beauty world for some reason! So here they are featured on my blog!

What NYX says about round case lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 144 shades.

NYX Top Selling lipstick:

  • features a velvet-textured formulation packed with high shine;
  • is formulated with mineral oils to moisturize and condition;
  • offers long-lasting, smudge-proof color;
  • is available in an array of shades.

A little about my lips: This is important to know because everyone has different shaped lips and different natural color. I have very dry lips and have had an issue wearing nudes in the past because of this. Thankfully, with the help of Avon’s lip balm and EOS lip balm, my lips are doing better. Why are you telling me this you ask? Well, this “dilemma” I have is one of the very reasons why I love the NYX lipsticks Circe, Honey, Creamy Beige & Orange Soda…

Why I like these lipsticks:

  • excellent color payoff & pigmentation;
  • a wide range of shades (if you like more color);
  • moisturizing on the lips (first ingredient is bee wax);
  • they do not dry out my lips;
  • no taste or scent;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • cruelty-free (if this is an important beauty buying factor to you).


  • they don’t last long (i would say a few hours max);
  • can wear off easily so you may need to reapply often;
  • very creamy so could melt (this hasn’t happened to me though).
Wendy Overcash Makeup