People who want to purchase a shampoo to regulate dandruff should try the Redken dandruff shampoo. It is one of the most preferred dandruff removal shampoos in the market right now because people from all ages swear by it. To find out why this is their reaction to this shampoo, read further.

Product description

The Redken dandruff shampoo contains an active ingredient of pyrithione zinc, a substance that help relieve a person from dandruff, as well as prevent it from recurring. The Interbond Scalp System feature it has effectively bound to the scalp of a person for greater results. It moisturizes or hydrates the scalp and hair leaving it soft, smooth, and beautiful all day long. Furthermore, this product is tested by dermatologist making it very safe to utilize, even by children.

Directions for use

Wet the hair, and then lather the shampoo. Afterwards, it should be massaged to the scalp using the palm and fingers in a circular motion. Let it sit in the hair for 5 minutes for greater effect. Rinse the hair thoroughly while making sure that there is no shampoo left. Repeat the process as desired. This product can be used every day.

Redken dandruff shampoo reviews


This dandruff removal shampoo is very gentle and can even be used by children unlike other products in the market. It effectively regulates dandruff and removes the itching sensation experienced by a person who has this. Clients who have psoriasis, as well as seborrheic dermatitis, loved this product because it is not too strong for their condition. It is not as expensive as other anti-dandruff shampoos out there, not to mention those who have color treated hair can use it as well. A consumer stated that after using this product for 2 weeks he really felt the difference. It works as advertised.


Some of the consumers who bought this hated the smell because it has a peculiar odor that is very feminine, therefore men did not appreciate it. Another thing they noticed is the drying effect it does in the scalp making some of them itch and flake more. Finally, a user stated that her hair fall worsened after utilizing this.


Though there are negative comments for this shampoo, the pros still outweighs the cons, making it an ideal dandruff removal shampoo for different types of people. They love the effect, the price, and the gentleness. They did not like the smell, so men should be aware of this before buying. For dandruff sufferers, this shampoo is a steal.

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