A remote Khadoran outpost is about to come under a surprise attack from enemy forces. The Old Witch of Khador arrives to warn her komrades of the cowardly attack and takes command of the battle group.

This scenario accompanies the Home Sweet Fort Tutorial



The Old Witch of Khador and Scrapjack

Man-O-War Kovnik

WinterGuard Mortar Crew

WinterGuard Mortar Crew

1 unit of Winterguard +2

Marauder Warjack

Defender Warjack

Unit of widowmakers


600 points of any WARMACHINE or HORDES faction.


    • The structure is deployed at the exact center of a 4’ x 4’ table. The fortress is located in a forgotten wilderness location so we recommend plenty of trees and other appropriate terrain features.
    • The entire table is considered to be rough terrain.
    • We also encourage you to use the traps special rules located in No Quarter magazine # 6.


    • The structure is considered to be ARM 14 and can take 5 points of damage per inch. The building will collapse when 9 inches or more of the surface have been destroyed.
    • Melee attacks against the structure hit automatically.
    • The structure is considered to have a DEF of 5 against ranged attacks.
    • Ranged attacks must be minimum POW 14 to damage the structure.
    • The structure is capable of having 2 optional entry points via lowered ramp. The Khador player may choose to begin the game with or without the ramp. The ramp may be deployed during game play by a model or unit forfeiting its action to lower the ramp.
    • Models inside the structure are considered to benefit from cover but not from elevated terrain.


    • The attacking player deploys first with choice of any multiple tables edges.
    • The attacker must deploy the entire battle-group with every model’s base touching a table edge.
    • The Khador player may choose to deploy both inside and within 2" of the outside of the structure.


    • The attacker has 5 rounds to destroy 9" of the structure before Kossite Woodsmen re-enforcements arrive.
    • The Defending player must prevent the attacking player from destroying the structure within 5 rounds.