Silver hair is no longer for the aging or the grandmas of the world. Silver hair dye is very quickly making an appearance on the teen scene as well as the red carpet. This is one color that may be a little harder to do yourself but defiantly 100% worth it! If you want to find out some tips on how to make your hair a cool silver color for this spring season, read the information below and you will be well on your way to a super hot and super stylish hair color!

First Step

If you are looking to dye your hair silver you will first have to bleach out your hair. You can buy this bleach at any drug store or hair supply center. Once you have bleached your hair, you will no longer have any pigment left, this means your hair will take to whatever color you put on next.

Second Step

You will now have to tone your hair. This is done with a blue or purple toner. Since purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, this will insure all the pigment is out of your hair and the yellow from the bleach will not show through. Make sure you put a large amount of toner on your hair, to insure you have all of it covered.

Third Step

Now it is time to dye your hair. There are so many shades and brands to choose from when it comes to dyeing your hair silver, but some of the very best products and names to use are the following:

Redken shades EQ 08T silver

This is a product that has a silver and blue base and can last a long time if you do it right.

Redken Framesi FramColor 2001 Hair Coloring Creme USA 12.62 Ultra Lift Silver

This is another great option that can make your hair look silver without any brassy tones. You will have to get this from a beauty supply store, but this is a more popular color so they should have it in stock.products can be found at beauty supply stores as well as some hair salons, you can also order this online.

Another option for silver hair dye is Fancy Full temporary hair color, which you can use everyday. This is a really cool shade of gray that will shine all day long. This product can be found in any drug store.

Step Four

Once you have bleached, toned and dyed your hair you are going to want to use a shampoo that keeps your color in as long as possible. There have been great results with John Frieda blonde shampoo as well as blue innovation shimmer shampoo the shampoo that you use to protect your silver hair is very important, and can effect how long the hair color will last!

A few words to the wise

If you have damaged hair, or very weak hair you may not want to bleach it, instead use the toners or go to a hair salon (nobody wants a full head of breakage!)

Silver hair dye can be hard to find when you are unsure of the hue you want, if you are unsure of the color you want it is best to ask drug store employees or the people at your hair salon about what hue will best suit you.

Also, if you have damaged hair, remember that high temperatures of irons and hairdryers can have a detrimental effect on your hair. Fortunately, today’s girls have many advantages. Safe hair dryers that don’t dry your hair out or choose the best one, like tyme iron reviews thick hair. It all depends on the degree of damage to your hair. Now markets offer a huge selection of products that will make your hair irresistible and do not cause damage.

Silver hair can take up to four steps to fully look right ( bleach, tone, dye and shampoo) so do not feel discouraged if your hair is not exactly how you want it after only a few steps. If the result is not what you hoped for after all steps are complete you may want to do it one more time, perhaps your hair was very dark to start with.

Think about your skin tone. If you have dark skin, or usually have very dark hair, will silver look great on you? Sometimes we may want a certain hair color but soon realize that the color on the box or the runway does not look the same on all people!

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